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3D Staging Biopsy: The Future of Accurate Prostate Cancer Diagnosis 

3D Staging Biopsy is a revolutionary new approach in diagnosing prostate cancer. We designed and developed a highly specalized 3-Dimensional software recognition system that tracks the biopsies sampled in real time, allowing us to know the EXACT location of cancer within the prostate. Since prostate cancer is not recognizable from benign or normal prostate tissue in the majority of cases, modalities such as MRI guided fusion biopsy commonly miss about 10-30% of cancers, and have recently gained popularity despite studies lacking viability of this method as an accurate diagnostic tool. We believe 3D Staging Biopsy is the only and most accurate way to identify the exact loaction of cancer within the prostate, and should be compulsory for all men seeking active surveillance (or, as we call it, accurate surveillance). Learn more. 

Targeted Focal Therapy ("The Male Lumpectomy")

Targeted Focal Therapy is the next generation in prostate cancer treatment designed to cure the cancer while preserving a patient’s quality of life by minimizing side effects. Targeted Focal Therapy is a new approach for managment of early stage, organ-confined prostate cancer. It involves eradicating only the areas of cancer within the prostate and sparing the rest of the gland. The rationale behind this approach is to preserve quality of life by minimizing collateral damage to the vital structures in and around the prostate. To find the exact location of the cancer, we utilize 3D Staging Biopsy, which allows us to determine the exact location of cancer within the prostate. With this 3D software-imaging, we plan our treatment to target and treat only the areas of cancer. Learn more.

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