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Prostate Cancer Treatments Offered by Dr. Crawford


Open Radical Prostatectomy

Dr. Crawford is one of the most experienced prostate cancer surgeons in the entire country. Having performed well over 5,000 prostate removal surgeries, his skill and expertise is second to none. Current research has shown that many "fashionable" procedures, such as robotic prostatectomy, have not demonstrated any difference in quality of life (no difference in sexual function or continence rates) or treatment effectiveness (5 year cancer recurrence rates are the same as open surgery). In fact, the robotic surgeon must perform well over 100 prostate removal surgeries until they obtain the expertise necessary to match the quality of life and survival outcomes of many average-experience open surgeons. Dr. Crawford's intimate knowledge of this surgery makes him one of the most highly sought after surgeons in the country for patients who require such treatment for their given disease subtype. 


Targeted Focal Therapy

After a patient undergoes 3D Staging Biopsy, Dr. Crawford can determine if they are a suitable candidtae for Targeted Focal Therapy (TFT). TFT is a new approach for management of early stage, organ-confined prostate cancer. It involves treating only the areas of cancer within the prostate and sparing the rest of the prostate. The rationale behind this approach is to preserve quality of life by minimizing the side effects often caused during prostate cancer surgery, by damaging to the vital structures around the prostate such as the bladder, urinary sphincter, and nerves in the vicinity of the prostate and the rectum. Overtreatment of men with prostate cancer is a huge problem as most men will die with prostate cancer rather than of it. TFT allows men who are not interested in active surveillance or radical treatment such as radiation or surgery to treat their cancer with reduced risk of erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence.  


















Hypothetical kill zone in a Targeted Focal Therapy patient



3D Staging Biopsy 

3D Staging Biopsy is a revolutionary new approach in diagnosing prostate cancer. Using a brachytherapy grid, samples can be systematically removed from the prostate, recording the precise location of each specimen. Once complete, specialized software, designed by Dr. Crawford and his team, is used to reconstruct the patient's prostate in 3D. With the final pathology report, we can identify the location of cancer and input this into the 3D model. This provides Dr. Crawford with an invaluable tool to assess the best course of treatment to take.















Treatment for other urologic conditions 

Dr. Crawford is an expert in treating benign and malignant uroligic conditions such for the bladder, kidney, and prostate. If you would like to schedule a consult with Dr. Crawford please follow the "contact us" link for further information. 

Image of a 3D reconstruction after 3D Staging Biopsy. Note the prostate (in red), urethra (in green) and the exact location of areas of cancer (in yellow). 

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